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Taxes & Spending

Since 2011 Governor Walker and the Republican majority have enacted $8.5 billion in tax relief.  In 2018 ‘Tax Freedom Day’ in Wisconsin arrived on April 19, which is 8 days earlier than in 2017!  While this improvement is significant, our overall tax burden still ranks in the top 10 of most-taxed states, and it is obvious that Wisconsin residents are still taxed too heavily.

Recent tax reforms in Wisconsin have made progress toward slowing the growth of the tax burden, and have also boosted the economy by keeping more money in the pockets of consumers.  I have supported the continuation of municipal and county property tax levy limits, school district revenue limits, referendum reform, and cuts to state income tax rates.

It is my intention to continue to take suggestions and study ways to lower the state and local overall tax burden.  One way to accomplish this is to hold spending to less than the rate of inflation.  Another goal must be to continue to make progress toward making our budget compliant with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) as are our local units of government.  

I have proven myself willing to make tough decisions and cast votes regarding the prioritization of state spending.  I will continue to strive to make our state taxes lower and equitable while still providing high quality of services.

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