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The US Constitution, which each elected official takes an oath to uphold, established a system of federalism.  This is a system where the distinct, limited role of the national government was defined by a series of statements generally declaring what it could and could not do.  All other powers were to be left to state government, and the Bill of Rights included the 10th Amendment to further enforce the boundaries around the authority of the national government.

The national government was created to be an 'agent' of the states.  These roles have clearly reversed and the states have become agents of the national government.

For varying reasons, the national government has been allowed to overstep its constitutional boundaries—so much so that the term ‘federal’ has largely lost its real meaning and today is simply a synonym for Washington DC.  The 50 states must reclaim their constitutional authority.  This reclamation must include reining in the federal courts which have become filled with activist judges who ‘legislate from the bench.'  In addition, these federal judges receive 'life appointments--none of them ever must answer to the voters.  It also means fighting executive actions from the President of the United States that have no basis in actual law.

I will continue to work to restore our state’s constitutional sovereignty over its own affairs.

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