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I spent over 20 years teaching students ranging from 4th–12th grade and my wife and I currently have two children attending college.  I also was honored to serve the 2017-18 school year as an interim principal in my Lutheran congregation's elementary school.  K-12 and higher education are amongst my top priorities.  I am thankful to live in a state with so many fine educational institutions from which to choose.

Wisconsin has diversified its education portfolio since 2011 by expanding opportunities for parents to choose a school that best suits their children.  Public schools will continue to educate the wide majority of our children, but other educational venues such as Virtual Schools, schools participating in the Parental Choice programs, a variety of Charter Schools, and options for families of children with special needs are available to our Wisconsin families and are worthy of public financial support.  Additionally, Wisconsin has long had a strong home school population that will continue to flourish under our state’s favorable education climate.  This is a true sign of the dedication of the legislature and governor to meet the educational needs of all its children.

As the 4-year chairman of the Assembly Education Committee, I have always held the goal of encouraging cooperation between the varying educational entities across our state.  Among my top priorities in the upcoming session will be a simplification of our state's school funding formula, giving tools to our teachers who find themselves in the midst of increasingly volatile situations during the school day, and providing an avenue of assistance for college loan debt.  I will also seek to improve transparency and flexibility for parents regarding the heavy amount of standardized testing performed in our public schools.  

Above all, I will continue to meet with educational officials all across the state to hear their stories and ideas, and how we can best use our schools to pass the 'keys to freedom' to the next generation.

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