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Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting my campaign website! It is indeed an honor to represent the 52nd District of the State of Wisconsin.

We are in unprecedented times in our state and nation.  In just a few months we have seen our state and nation transition from some of the greatest economic conditions in our history, to conditions reminiscent of the the Great Depression.  This election cycle has taken on an additional intensity, because we are clearly in a time that cries out for strong leadership.  As we navigate pandemic politics, extreme leftist ideology, breakdown of law and order, and a media that is invested in promoting negativity toward conservatives, it is more important than ever who we choose to represent and lead us.

In light of all these challenges, I am seeking re-election to the Wisconsin State Assembly.  I would be honored to have your vote on November 3.

This will not be the first time my Republican colleagues and I have led our state out of economic distress.  In 2011 we began to make the difficult, fiscally responsible choices to revive Wisconsin's economy from the abyss, and the positive results have been undeniable. Prior to the March shutdowns, rising wages, record low unemployment, tax cuts, and a decreased bureaucratic business environment had our state booming like never before.  

With your support, we can do this again.   However, the challenge will be different this time.  We must accomplish this recovery through the roadblock of a liberal governor more interested in shackling our entrepreneurial environment, than he is in low taxes and controlling government spending.  

I need your vote to help maintain legislative Republican majorities to counter and defeat the liberal policies, that historically have a record of failure, coming from the Evers administration.

 If you are willing to publicly declare your support for my re-election, please click on the Endorsements page in the menu bar to let other visitors to this site know that you are on the Thiesfeldt team!

May God's blessings be with you, and may his favor continue to rest on Wisconsin and the United States of America!


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